ENRICH - Before Psychotherapy
ENRICH - Before Psychotherapy
Sherry Jerimie, LCSW-R, MS Founder, Psychoanalyst & Psychotherapist

Enrich Psychoeducation & Personal Development

ENRICH - Before, Beyond Psychotherapy (Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture & Heritage)

About ENRICH Psychoeducation & Personal Dev.

About Enrich 

ENRICH - Ethnicity Nationality Race Identity Culture & Heritage

We are the first, and only interactive online psychoeducational learning platform explicitly created for People of ENRICH. On a very personal and nuanced level, we understand the importance of Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture, and Heritage; we are not all the same!  

Our goal at ENRICH is to provide the resources to enable you to make long-lasting changes in all areas of your life.

With a focus on the real-life, lived-in, day-to-day challenges People of ENRICH face, we at ENRICH created cutting-edge approaches to healing all areas of your life to produce long-lasting results. Change takes time, and it's a process to begin to see lasting changes.

Unlike many services out there, we at ENRICH are not cookie-cutter, providing only a superficial, short-term fix.

How do we know?

Because all our services at ENRICH were born out of over two decades on the groundwork, with clients like you, listening to you and hearing from you about what works, and seeing the changes in you. All our approaches were road-tested, and though no two situations are the same, we have an excellent grasp of what works.  

Because as a Psychoanalyst, Sherry knows that all long-term changes must first take place in our unconscious. The services we offer are created with this reality in mind.

Our Ideal member may experience one or all of the following:

  • Perhaps you are in a place where mental health is stigmatized, and you don't have access to information.
  • Maybe you live in a small town and feel uncomfortable speaking with someone you may see out at social events.
  • Sometimes it's your geographic location, you may not have access to providers who meet your specific needs.
  • Maybe you are not ready to commit to full-on psychotherapy but want to know more about yourself, the impact of your experiences, childhood on why you do the things you do.
  • You may have a loved one struggling with mental illness, and you are trying to understand more about that situation as it pertains to you.
  • Sometimes you have questions, but you are not yet committed to therapy.
  • Maybe you have had therapy before, but not with someone experienced and knowledgeable about your particular ENRICH (Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture, or Heritage)
  • Maybe you travel, or you have commitments that prevent you from investing the time or money in therapy, but you would like to gain insight.

Our Services are for you if ...

Any of these situations describes you, Enrich is for you. This is your community, and it's great to have you here because any opportunity to learn and understand yourself is the greatest investment you can make for yourself and your future.  Make no mistake, the benefits are intergenerational! 

We have more tools and resources to use that are effective in facilitating change than traditional talk therapy. We designed resources in micro-learning increments, with constantly updated information to help you retain information.

The perspective of what is needed for mental health and wellness is changing. Studies suggest that much of the rigidity of traditional psychotherapy is not suited for everyone. Mental health is about being HEALTHY! and much of the traditional models focusing specifically on pathologies tends to discourage people who CAN benefit. Specifically for people of ENRICH who have had never really had services created with you in mind.

It's time to make a difference and make mental health and wellness more inclusive and reflective of our changing global environment.

It is time to show that good mental health is as important as good physical health, and it applies to everyone, not just those with severe chronic mental health conditions.  

This Community is NOT for you if...

You are not ready to take responsibility for your situation and don't have the internal motivation to change and take responsibility for your life.

You have a chronic severe mental illness because we cannot give you the support you need.

You have an untreated mental illness

You are mandated to get treatment

You have substance/alcohol abuse

You are in a physically, sexually, or verbally abusive environment

You need constant one-on-one emotional support

Our service does not provide a quick fix; we are supportive but cannot perform miracles. So, if you are invested in making lasting and personal change without blaming and making excuses - we would love to have you join our community.  

As a Member in good standing, you can gain access to these tools and our community today.

Why You Should Join Us

At ENRICH, our content is thoughtfully customized from thousands of hours working with people just like you!  At Enrich, we are always focused on how your ethnicity, nationality, race, identity, culture, and heritage are affected and bring content to you to reflect your lived in diversity and uniqueness.

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